Before the World began

Taken from one of my favourite songs: Before the world began you were on his mind, every tear you cry is precious in his eyes.

Monday, July 25, 2005

My cultural/ethnic history

Hi, I have been giving alot of thought over the last few years to my ethnicity and what I write down when filling in forms etc. I strongly dislike the term European Pakeha as I am not from Europe and I am not Pakeha. I am of pale complexion with light coloured hair who was born in NZ. God saw fit for me to be born here. But I am just passing through the essence of my life does not lie here on earth - this is just a practice for the main event! As far as my bloodlines go I am a very mixed bag with lots of different ethnic groups involved in there some I which I can prove and some I can't. I am very tired of being put into a box and marginalised because of who I was born as.

There is a deep need these days for people to discover who they are and who they identify with but I feel that this is getting a little out of hand especially in the church. I know some people will be offended by what I am saying and I am not trying to offend just provide a different viewpoint. I believe that when we give our lives to Christ that we join his family and gain a special new identity. We should then be trying to discover what the Bible says about our identity and the culture we should be embracing should be the culture of holiness and purity.

Ironically over a month ago when my husband and I were discussing this topic we both acknowledged that we actually feel more comfortable with the Jewish culture than with our own. I wonder what God has to say on this topic and what he would have us do in regards to our cultural heritage. As has been said by numerous different people every culture and ethnic group in the world has done things that we cannot be proud of ( it is part of being human - everyone makes mistakes) so therefore shouldn't we as Christians be holding to our new Christ-focussed identity and doing everything to reflect Christ in all we say and do. 'For behold I am a new creation, the old things have passed away and all things have become new'.

Taxation according to Karen

Welcome to Truth blogging!!

It is good to be back. I have spent so much time reading everyone elses blogs that I have not had the time to blog myself what with the school holidays and all. I have also rather been under the weather of late with two abscesses in two of my teeth and a touch of the flu but never mind my brain has still been ticking over. My opening line is dedicated to Banksy who is lightening up my life at present.

My hubby mentioned a couple of weeks ago that he wishes we lived in a society where those who worked hard were rewarded and those who didn't weren't but then it dawned on him that if this was to actually occur we would have some very rich members of society and some very poor so we must settle for the system this country currently runs under and that is that if you work hard you are guaranteed to be taxed heavily and if you don't work you will be looked after with the taxes of the aforementioned.

So I decided I would give my spin on how I think the country should run. Except I am concerned that if I give too much away I may just be running against Paul McMahon at the next election. I believe that where a family (2 adults and 1 or more children)3 is bringing in one income this should be split between both adults for taxation purposes. I believe those who earn $3,000 or less should not be taxed at all. The next bracket should be 19c up till $35,000, then 25c up till $60,000, 33c up to $120,000 and 50c in the dollar for all income over $120,000.

I believe it would be only right and proper to have a non income tested benefit for every mother who stays home to look after her preschoolers but if the above taxation policy were in effect this would probably not be as necessary financially but is a government endorsment of the tremendous benefit mothers make to a healthy society.

I think all visits for children under 5 to see a GP should be free irrespective of income. I think that every parent has the right to choose which school they send their children to and should not be restricted by zoning ( I know, I know this is pretty impossible) but the idea has been floated that every parent is allocated a voucher which can be used at it's school of choice - I would like to explore this option more. I believe that those who take out their own private medical insurance should get a rebate to encourage less pressure on the public hospital system. I believe less funding should be allocated towards abortions and sex change operations and other such elective procedures as these are choices that should be funded by the general tax paying public. If you wish to avail yourself of these procedures you are more than welcome to fund it out of your own pocket. At present if a local DHB runs out of their funding they cancel heart ops etc but have you heard of them turning people down for abortions based on lack of funding???

Unlike Paul, I do not believe that tertiary education should be free. I believe that it is a choice to undertake further study and you should pay for that choice and this is not a burden that the taxpayer should be carrying. Also with the tax cuts mentioned above I feel that every graduate would be in a much better position to pay back their loans once out of training and in the workforce however it would require more careful planning and budgeting than some students are currently doing to get thru with less debt. We send out child to an integrated school for which we pay more attendance dues than we would if he was at the closest school to us but this is a choice that we have made in our son's best interests and like tertiary education we pay for that choice.

I will have more thoughts at a later date but please let me know your thoughts thus far and no I have not done the figures but I am sure that if pressed I could give you areas we could save money in in order to take less from taxpayers in the first place.

Over and out!!