Before the World began

Taken from one of my favourite songs: Before the world began you were on his mind, every tear you cry is precious in his eyes.

Monday, September 19, 2005

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!!

I was very surprised to wake at 6.30 am to find the kids beside my bed declaring that it was snowing. Too tired after only 5 hours sleep the night before (was out at a 40th and then watching the election results) I promptly sent them back to bed without even looking out the window or even moving from my bed for that matter. (We have a rule in our house nobody out of bed before 6.45 am or preferably 7 am).

But half an hour later the radio came on and my hubby dragged himself from bed to discover after getting dressed that our property was covered and he realised there was no way he would be getting down the hill to work. He had not even stirred when the kids had come in earlier. He was kind enough, now that he was dressed, to go and get some firewood from the garage and light the fire before coming back to bed where we kept warm for the rest of the morning while the children watched a video under duvets in the lounge. WHAT a way to spend a Monday morning - can't think of anything better really!! By lunchtime Martin got up and built a snowman with the kids complete with lemons for eyes, carrot for the nose and a banana for the mouth. I LOVE snow especially from inside the house. It is so pure and beautiful to watch coming down. Another occasion when I marvel at God: every snowflake different and unique (like us), the purity of white and how when it lands on something really dirty like the driveway when there is heaps of it it covers it beautifully and takes away all the dirt (alot like Jesus' death on the cross taking away all our sin and making us as white as snow - at least for a few minutes until we mess up again.)

GOD IS GOOD!! I have really enjoyed slowing down today and spending the day indoors with my family who I love very much. I am still in my jim-jams and my hubby only had to leave for work about 45 minutes ago. Life is good right now except for my baby daughter screaming at my feet. That's not so good.


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